Our Saturday in Carmel began with a stop at the beautiful Earthbound Farm, where we snipped some herbs for sprouting, walked through the alphabet garden, and picked out a couple things from the produce stand for our picnic. We hadn’t been to EB Farms before, and were very impressed and inspired by their gardens and their organic gardening techniques. They also hold workshops in their garden tent theater that we’d love to attend sometime.

Then, off to the cheese shop for some cheese samples (which they are quite generous about!) and, of course, some cheese and bread for the picnic.

With all the lunch ingredients collected, we headed down to the beach to eat and watch the pelicans. We sat in the sun and read another chapter of Swiss Family Robinson – such a difference to read about Father sailing Fritz and Ernest out to the shipwreck as we watched waves crash right in front of us and felt the sand on our feet, rather than curled up on our soft mattress like we usually are when we read.

Next we warmed up with some coffee at a favorite coffee spot: Carmel Coffee Roasting Company. I traded in my token I’ve kept safely for two years and was glad to locate now that we finally made it back to Carmel.

Lastly, a stop to the Carmel Mission to explore the worn architecture and imagine what it would be like to build a place like this out on the California Coast.

Thank you for such a fun day, Hubbs, I love you!


One response to “Carmel-by-the-sea

  1. No, I love you! I had a great time with you, my sweet wife. Let’s do some more exploring soon. 😉

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