Wedding Programs

I did promise to post pictures from the wedding, but after reviewing my camera I realized that having a great time being at the Sister’s wedding didn’t get me very many shots of what was going on there. So I’ll post some of the pics that I do have, and then raid some friends’ cameras for pictures that show some of the decorations.

We were going to do the program in back and white, so I wanted to take advantage of that criteria and make it look like an advantage rather than a limitation. I pulled elements from the save-the-date, invitation, and envelope so that all the printed materials tied together. (fyi ~ that’s sister’s beautiful bouquet in the background of this shot)

I used an updated silhouette for the wedding day: one with a veil. The special thing about this veil is that my Grandma made it for my mom’s wedding, and now sister wore it for hers. 

Sister and I filled the back page with lots of activities and puzzles for kids and adults! (This was particularly fitting since the favor was a pencil) My favorite is the dot-to-dot and the great handwriting font.


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