Lingerie Shower

Well, Sister’s wedding finally happened yesterday. It was beautiful, and I am so thankful to have a happy sister and a wonderful new brother-in-law. But before I post wedding pictures (which I will do later this week) here are some pics from the lingerie shower at our house on Saturday night.

Lace tacked in place to write some swirly cursive.

To light the way upstairs, I made some little lanterns to hang up the railing. Remove the lids from half-pint mason jars, place both ends of a 1′ piece of lace over the threads to make a loop. Screw the lid back on to hold the lace hanger tightly in place, and place a battery candle inside.

These are old bloomers and slips from my great grandmas, hung behind a sheer curtain that’s hung from the ceiling. So glad to get these out of the closet and on display!

Lingerie patterns printed out on thin paper and wrapped around the inside of a hurricane. Battery candles are inside to light it up.

Old lingerie patterns printed out and hung with clothespins.

Skewers for the fondue with letter stickers nearby for guests to mark their own.


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