A Little Show and Tell

My training and professional experience is in graphic design, which gives me skills I’m glad to have when things I care about need advertising: sister’s wedding, and some upcoming church events being two such things. Recently, two of my design projects came back from the print shop and I thought I’d show them here with a few “behind-the-scenes” tidbits you may find interesting.

Project#1: Women’s Retreat Flyer

  • This was my second attempt with the fancy-pants camera I’ve talked about before (doesn’t belong to me!) This time, I studied up on the manual before the photo shoot, and the pics came out much better.
  • I did lots of research on 50’s motels and advertising to find shapes that said “retro.” I think its so fascinating that such a simple thing like a shape (like the diamonds in the background) or a line (like the white vertical lines on the left) that identifies it as being from one decade or another.
  • We wanted the photos to have a retro feel, so we did the photo shoot in the kitchen of a friend’s 100 year old house.

Project #2: Reclamation Project Flyer

  • Here’s the before and after of the main image (I didn’t take the photo that I used on the front of this flyer, but I did modify it to suit our purposes!) We had the perfect image of an old house, but we really needed it to be a church. So I did a little “remodeling.” Do you see the differences? This is the magic of Photoshop…


3 responses to “A Little Show and Tell

  1. Loved it! I thought you did the reclamation project design (our pastor sent us all of the info last week) and I had a hunch that church was originally an old house. You did a great job, as always!

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  3. I loved the photoshop show and tell. Would you be willing to teach me how to do this? I’d love to look over your shoulder sometime and watch you in action, just to learn from you.
    thanks for sharing this!
    PS; loved the conference–it was such a blessing. Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan was worth it. I googled it, and have started the 30 day challenge 🙂

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