Pear Disaster Cake

Lest you think that every endeavor turns out to be easy, or that all my cooking is adventure-free (no one actually thought those things, did they?) I bring you: last nights’ baked failure.

I decided to whip up a quick “Fresh Ginger Pear Cake” to whittle down at the pears still waiting in the basket. First I gathered ingredients.

  • Pears: not really ripe enough to use. Press on and puree them anyways
  • Brown Sugar: 1/4 cup short.
  • Lemons: no more on the tree
  • Ginger: realize I’m out after digging through the dregs of the spice shelf. Try fresh ginger and can’t get it to grate.
  • milk: burned on the stove while heating.
  • salt: recipe didn’t call for! What baked good doesn’t have salt? I added some anyways
  • applesauce, one of the reasons I chose the recipe since I had a whole jar in the fridge: open it up and top is covered with a 1/4 inch thick layer of multicolored mold.
  • Flour: spilled on the counter
  • Baking powder: added the full 1 Tablespoon PLUS one and a half teaspoons the recipe calls for before thinking “that’s an awful lot of baking powder.”

After 45 minutes of kitchen labor, which doesn’t include the huge pile of dishes still waiting for me in the sink, or Hubbs graciously cleaning up the counter after the food processor overflowed with batter – I guess that “fill to” line is there for a reason, I tasted the batter (very baking powdery), filled the Bundt and the other random pan that I grabbed after realizing it wasn’t all going to fit, and threw it in the oven just before our guests got here.

To put the icing on the cake, no pun intended, Hubbs was reading the review as I was finishing up, and he calls out – “Hon this recipe is rated one star!” I guess I didn’t scroll down enough to see that part.

I tried toasting a piece for breakfast this morning, and even with melted butter I couldn’t choke it down. I don’t taste any pear, any ginger, any brown sugar, just baking powder. How is it possible that a recipe with so many good ingredients has zero flavor? I don’t know, but its all going in the trash in a minute because no one wants to eat it. And now, excuse me, I need to go find some coffee to get rid of this lingering fizzy taste in my mouth.


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