An idea for your Pear Butter

I mentioned pear ravioli yesterday. This is one of those recipes that has a high wow-factor, but is really really simple. I’m not kidding (I’m talking 30 minutes start to finish). Making ravioli might not sound easy, but there’s a kitchen hack to speed up the process and make it realistic for a quick dinner.

Use egg-roll wrappers for the pasta dough. Its already rolled out the proper thickness, and is cut in handy little squares which makes it very easy to work with. I found these in the produce section of Safeway, on sale for a dollar.

I made a two part filling. One part was the cheese, which I used a quarter stick of cream cheese, 1/4 cup of parmesean and 1/4 cup shredded mozzerella. Normally I might add other herbs to season the cheese, but I didn’t want the pear/thyme flavor to overpowered by anything.

Second part was the pear-thyme butter, straight from the jar.

Put a teaspoon of cheese mixture on the center of the dough, put a little dollop of pear butter on top, and swipe the surface of the dough with a pastry brush dipped in cornstarch/water. Cover with the other eggroll wrapper and press the dough firmly together all around the mound of filling, working out from the center to push air bubbles out and cupping your hands to avoid squishing the filling (don’t actually push down on the mound of filling or it will spread and make a mess!). A good seal is important here since you don’t want it to leak.

If you have a cookie cutter large enough to leave a 3/4 inch border of dough around the filling, use that to punch out the ravioli. If not, use scissors to cut the excess dough off (this excess can later be fried up  for munching or Chinese chicken salad topping).

You can see that I didn’t cut perfect circles, and they still tasted great. Get a shallow saucepan boiling with a few inches of water. You don’t want the ravioli to touch the bottom of the pan. Set them in a single layer in the boiling water, cover, and simmer on med-high, for 4 minutes. Remove raviolis to a serving platter and keep warm in the oven while you cook the next batch. I’d recommend keeping them in a single layer on the platter, or drizzling with oil before stacking more on top. These tend to stick together if left for too long.

We ate these drizzled with herbed browned butter… How do I top a sentence like that?


One response to “An idea for your Pear Butter

  1. And they were incredible!

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