Summertime T-Shirts

Sister has this way of making shirts that always turn out – they’re always easy, always fun, and always look really impressive when they’re done. Her secret is using stickers as stencils for spray-on fabric paint. She and these two cuties were making summertime shirts at our house the other day, and so I documented the process.

You can see the leftovers from lots of shirts that have been made over the years, and she’s got quite a collection to pick from.

Stick the stickers directly on the shirt to spell out whatever you want to say. Cutting out around the sticker “outsides”  (you know, the part you don’t peel off of the sticker sheets) is tricky, but will let you spray colored shapes letters, like those polka-dots you see below.

Then use fabric paint in little spray bottles that you get from the craft store to spray paint all over all your sticker-stencils. Be sure to cover each sticker completely with paint so that the letters will be nice and readable.

When the paint is tacky, peel the stickers away to see what you’ve made!


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