Succulent Centerpiece

Last night I went outside and saw an amazing thing: A couple 3 inch segments of one of the potted succulents had been broken off a few weeks ago, I guess, and fallen on the gravel below. The amazing thing is that not only did they not die, they had sprouted tiny roots down into the gravel and were growing!

So inspired by the always-amazing ideas in Martha Stewart:

And the beautiful small-scale tray that we saw at the Sunset Celebration:

And inspired by the hardiness of the little suckers that grew roots into the gravel, I planted a succulent centerpiece tray.

I went around the yard and snipped little pieces of succulents that were already growing. If you don’t have any succulents in the yard, keep your eye out at your friends’ houses, in parks or in parking lots and snag a little piece… not that I’m advocating stealing the parts of your arrangement…

Collect a little pile, bury the ends in the gravel, give it some sun and water every few weeks. Then watch and see what happens! The succulents will eventually grow all together and make a thick tangle of beautiful color and texture. Since its living, this a great outdoor or indoor centerpiece!


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