Wedding Invitations

The invitations are finally designed, printed, punched, assembled, stuffed, stamped, FINISHED and in the mail (whew!!)

Here’s a quick tour of my design:

Envelopes are printed with the bride and groom’s silhouette, and a fancy badge to write the addresses in. (Hearts were drawn in as we addressed them)

The invitation is a card with a circle window (which a team of very kind friends helped us punch out!) which opens to another window punched out of a page from an old book. The RSVP card peeks through the window which shows the cute couple smooching.

The RSVP card sits loose on the inside of the invite.

The back of the RSVP card, in keeping with the Love-Story-Writing theme, has an image of an opened book with a bookplate and a custom made Return By stamp (all created in Photoshop) The story has a mad-libs style fill in, which guests will hopefully enjoy and fill with personalized messages for the bride and groom.

On the back of the invitation is the map and directions. (sorry, you just get a little peek! I can’t have everyone on the internet showing up to sister’s wedding (C: )

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Did you know that sealing an envelope with sealing wax may make it thick enough to require extra postage?? We sure didn’t! We almost learned the hard way when we tried to drop the envelopes off at the post office and the kind postman alerted Mom that if she didn’t add 2 more stamps to the envelopes, the invitations would arrive with postage due! Praise the Lord that we found out in time to add the extra postage!!


One response to “Wedding Invitations

  1. In some shots your sister seems to look so much like your mom! It would be cute if they could mimic a pose your parents did for photos at their wedding so they can be hung side-by-side. 🙂

    Your work is so beautiful and it’s evident how much you love your sister–makes me wish I lived closer to mine!

    Best of luck and clarity of thought in the weeks still left before the wedding. I know we’re really far away, but if your sister has a gift registry that has online access, we’d love to be able to send something–if not, an address to which we can send a card (full of drawings, if Nyssa has anything to say about it 😉 would be very much appreciated. It’s nice to be able to make gestures that help me feel less disconnected, though of course I hope the recipients enjoy them as well!

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