Taking a Better Picture #2

Here’s installment #2 of Taking a Better Picture. Now believe me, there’s nothing fancy about my little point-and-shoot. Its pretty darn limited in lots of ways, and I’m looking forward to the day we decide that a good use for discretionary spending is a new camera! What I do hope to do is to make the most of what I’ve got by using the basic features that it does have really well and to give all of us the hope that its not as much about the camera as it is about the one holding it.

Tip #2 Find a Better Angle!

Sometimes, the most natural way of photographing a subject is also the most boring. For example: when I went outside to take a picture for the plum post, I first walked out to the tree with my camera, looked up, and clicked the shutter. Here’s what I got:

When I previewed the pic, I thought,”that’s a pretty boring picture! So I told myself (yes, I have to give myself instructions sometimes) “Sara: find a better way to tell the story of the plum tree. This is the way everyone sees every tree – looking up at it. Look harder and find a better view.”

And as soon as I told myself that, I thought “yah right – this is just a boring tree. How am I going to take an interesting picture of a tree??” and I walked skeptically around to see if there was anything worth shooting. And would you believe, I looked on the fence right below the tree and found this:

Squirrels had eaten some plums and left their mess on the fence. And the lighting was perfect once I got out from the shadow of the tree overhead. No question that this shot is 1000 times more interesting than looking up into the undersides of the branches.

So take your first instinct picture, and then look for another angle that might capture something less common. You may be surprised at what you discover.


One response to “Taking a Better Picture #2

  1. We’ve been meaning to tell you how much we are throughly enjoying your adventures….and proving that book woms really do exist! We love your creativity! Really looking forward to your next installment on wherever your inspiration takes you.

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