Six Vases Six Ways

Sister’s wedding is coming up quickly, and my family is actively gathering a collection of parts and pieces for the decorations, and centerpieces. Mom found a great deal on six large glass vases, which are being stored at our house until the big day. They’ve looked beautiful just sitting on our bookcase as a large group- its kind of a low-key accessory since the glass is colorless and transparent, that makes an impact because they’re so large (around 21 inches tall) and all slightly different. But its time to give them a test run. So in the 6 weeks before the wedding I’m going to try and use them filled rather than empty, and maybe get some ideas nailed down to actually use at the wedding.

Starting with #1

The Fresh Fake Tree

Rather than use artificial foliage to bring height and life into a room, use some actual greens. I placed six river rocks from the yard at the bottom of one vase; set them on the bottom carefully to avoid scratching the glass! Fill the vase halfway with water, and then stick 1-3 branches into the vase. Don’t be afraid to use big tall branches – the scale of the large vase will visually (and actually) balance out the height at the top.  The branches I used were some suckers growing off of a stump in the backyard. These suckers worked especially well because the leaves look delicate and fresh, and they needed to get trimmed off anyways!

The whole arrangement is about 4 feet tall – big impact sitting on the ground, bigger impact on a stool or shelf! And way cheaper and fresher feeling than a fake tree.


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