I’m in over my head

Well, we harvested more plums on Saturday. I see that fruit picking is always going to involve some kind of dog and pony show for us (see cherry picking); this time, we discovered that our second floor bathroom window convieniently opens near the top of the plum tree. I took the screen out, hung over the toilet and out the window, and Hubbs used the claw-style fruit-basket-picker attached to a 20′ pvc pipe to guide the branches over to me so that I could grab them, pick the clusters of plums, and drop them in the claw-basket, which he would then cantilever back down and empty on the grass. Fortunately I didn’t fall out of the window, and pretty soon every surface on my kitchen counter was covered with some sort of container filled with plums.

But now I’m really in deep: We harvested maybe 200 lbs? So we’ve stuffed our faces with plums picked right off the tree, I canned vanilla plum jam and pineapple plum puree, froze plum halves, baked plum cake, steeped plum iced tea, made a big pot of plum rot (thats the one where you get a big pot of plums ready for canning, but company comes over so you throw the pot into the oven and forget about it for a few days…) And we’ve unloaded 30 pounds of plums onto our kind friends. AND THERE’S STILL MORE ON THE TREE!!!

I hate to watch them go bad out there, but I might just be out of ideas…


2 responses to “I’m in over my head

  1. Plum jelly is very good.

  2. I see this is an old post but if you have the same problem again this year you might like to try plum sauce, plum relish or chutney.

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