Cheap Wall Art Part Two: Paper-Backed Glass

For the second piece of cheap wall art, I glued some beautiful Italian paper onto the back of a plain glass tray and bowl. The neat thing about putting paper on the back of glass is that it brightens the paper design, making it nice and glossy, almost like it was painted right on!

Grab some glass (you could use a plate, bowl, vase, window pane, anything!) Clean it well and put a big dollop of Mod Podge or Matte Medium onto the back of your glass (the concave side). Cut your decorative paper into pieces no larger than about 5 inches. If your glass is rounded at all, cut slits in from each corner to the center

Starting in the center of the glass, place the paper in the glue design side down. Continue to cover the glass with paper, making sure that there is plenty of glue under each piece of paper. Use the slits to help conform the paper smoothly around any bends. Don’t be skimpy with the glue, and work quickly before it gets tacky to avoid big air patches dried in.

Once the glass is covered, use the paintbrush to spread the glue on the top of the paper. Look underneath and press all the air bubbles out to the edge so that the front looks nice and smooth. The picture below has not been smoothed yet!

Trim the excess paper with an x-acto knife when the glue is dry, and you’re done!


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