Dad’s Advice

My Dad always said, “Presentation is 90% of the meal” (particularly as I would stand in the kitchen and watch him plate and garnish a beautiful piece of meat off the BBQ).

Hubbs and I have had many conversations about the truth of this statement, as well as the actual percentage of impact on the meal it may or may not have, but as a designer I’ve found that the sentiment holds true in many areas outside of just cooking.

Example? Dad’s Father’s Day present.

I wanted to give my Dad these rustic hooks and nails as a Father’s Day gift. The problem was that they all came unpackaged – Hubbs even suggested leaving the price-tags on so that Dad wouldn’t think they came from our shed! To improve the presentation I took a cue from the old Barbie boxes and used cardboard and some wire to package the gift in the way I wanted the recipient to see it.

The torn off cardboard back of a notepad worked as a backer card and I arranged the hooks and nails on it. Working on the carpet, I poked small holes through the cardboard with a pin and made a few slits to hold the nail heads.

I threaded a piece of wire through the back and around the hooks and then gave a few twists and a clip with some pliers. Now it looks like a nice gift that’s ready to be wrapped!

Presentation does make a difference in the perception of a meal (or a gift) and I think its worth taking a few extra minutes to present things in a way that honors the recipient. At least that’s what my Dad always says.


One response to “Dad’s Advice

  1. Lovely, however, when you present a gift to someone with a highly disordered mind………….LOL…………they do not even see the effort involved in it. Yet, for the most part, I think your dad is very wise.

    Even with a home. What do people see when they walk up to your front porch? How do you present you home to those who visit?

    Presently, mine is under construction……..has been for a year now! Makes my skin crawl, yet my husband does not see it………he never will and it is difficult for him to finish anything.

    Now my dad, he was a master carpendar who loved to see the finished results.

    Amazing how different folks are.

    Have a great week

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