Thinking Different About Furniture

As we moved into the new house, many friends have generously passed on their furniture hand-me-downs. The new house is so much bigger than the cottage that we’ve eagerly accepted every offer, figuring we’d take it now and decide where to put it later. This included two beautiful TV cabinets, even though we don’t own or tv, nor do we have plans to get one.

What could we do with a tv cabinet? I thought about the things that we did want to do in the house, and decided to use the furniture for those purposes.

TV Cabinet One: The Bird Cage

Now, flower arranging station

I stood some of my paintings along the back ledge and stored all my vases underneath. Clippers, string, and other supplies are all on the shelf where I’ll use them.

I love having a place to bring my flowers in from the garden and get them arranged, and its always great to have all the supplies at hand for whatever project you sit down to do.

TV Cabinet Two: The Cupboard

Now, a Guest Room Dresser

I found a great thrift store mirror for $2.50, and couldn’t believe that it fit PERFECTLY in the back of the cabinet! It covers up the perforations that are all across the back of the unit, made for fitting the back of a tv. I love that there’s a nice dresser for the guest room that can be “put away” if I’d like by closing the sliding doors.

The mirror is aged and imperfect, which adds some nice texture and interest.


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