Watch Out for Deer Fencing!

The deer enjoyed the cottage garden quite a bit, and after trying bells, coyote pee-spray, and a fishing line fence, I finally found a deer netting that seemed to be a good balance of effective for the garden, but not overly irritating for the gardener (me).

That did the trick to keep the deer away, but recently had an unintended consequence. My neighbor called to tell me that there was a snake in the garden(!), and had been there for a few days. He said if I wanted to see it I should stop by. Well I had NEVER seen anything like a snake in the garden and was very excited.

When I got there, we realized why it was still hanging around: it had absolutely tangled itself in the deer fence.

I feel like this picture belongs in a wildlife brochure explaining why trash is bad for the environment. Like you’d see it next to the picture of the baby sea turtle with his head stuck in a soda can.

Fortunately, my neighbor had several pairs of small scissors, so we were able to gently snip the plastic and get him untangled. You can see the places where the netting was constricting the poor guy’s little belly.

We set him free (after taking quite a few pictures of our veterinary achievement) and he slowly limped away – a little shell shocked- but he seemed ok other than that.

So the moral of the story? Be careful of deer fencing that’s piled on the ground, you never know what you’ll find tangled up in it.


One response to “Watch Out for Deer Fencing!

  1. That is one giant snake! Good work setting it free!

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