Quick and Easy Bacon Bits

Next time you buy a package of bacon, try this:

Remove all the packaging and any paper backing, and slide the whole layered stack into a zip-lock bag. Stick the stack onto a flat place in the freezer. Now, when you need a few bacon bits for a salad or baked potato, pull out the frozen bacon slab and slice a quarter inch across off of one side (the short side so you get a cross section of each piece). Throw the chunk into a hot pan and fry it up, and put the rest of the frozen bacon back into the freezer for next time.

Cooking bits goes much quicker than slices, so you’ll be done in just a minute or two. The bacon is really cleanest and easiest to cut into small pieces when its frozen together like this, and typically the bacon is so fatty that its not a problem to slice through it even though its frozen. If you’re having touble, run the knife under hot water before you try to cut.

Now you can have fresh bacon bits whenever you want.


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