The Letter Press

This morning we received the final package of materials and so we finally began production of Sister’s Save the Dates. The theme of the wedding is “When God Writes Your Love Story” (the title of a book that was super encouraging to her) which I’m going to try and incorporate as much as possible into the decorations and printed materials. There are so many cute wedding invitation templates available these days, I really think that if you’re going to put in all the time and effort to make your own, you’d better make them as personal and on-theme and unique as possible – otherwise you’re probably better off just buying something pre-designed.

Hubbs’ Christmas gift this year has inspired all sorts of creativity: its a an L letterpress insert to go with an Epic Six (normally made to be a die-cutter), which is a fantastic system for doing letterpress at home. I thought that letterpress on the save the dates would be a luxurious thing – normally letterpress is so expensive that you wouldn’t use it on something as informal as a save the date. I designed the postcard and had them printed (the beautiful engagement pics were taken by this lovely lady), and then asked Sister’s fiance to write out his marriage proposal, which I had made into a letterpress plate.

The custom-made polymer embossing plate is that yellow lumpy looking thing on the left, and the postcard sits neatly on the base on the right. The the hinged plate is closed over the card and the whole thing is cranked through the compression rollers inside this little device.

We timed it (halfway through the stack of 250 postcards) and it took us 18 seconds a piece to run them through the letterpress. Not too  bad, and they look really neat once they’re embossed.

Here you can see the postcard with the writing in the open space around them. I love the tactile element that it adds and think it will definitely be an unexpected element for the recipient’s to discover and look at and wonder about (as a designer, I love rewarding curiosity… but that’s another post for another time.)

They’re in the mail and on their way. Now off to make the invitations!


One response to “The Letter Press

  1. Beautiful save the dates! I got mine the same day as this post…crazy!

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