Sunset Celebration

In celebration of our 4th anniversary, Hubbs planned a trip down to the Sunset Clebration Weekend, at the Magazine Headquarters in Menlo Park. Each year they open the grounds for a big festival with cooking demonstrations, gardening talks, tours of the test gardens and kitchens, wine seminars, and lots and lots of cheese sampling.

It was so fun to have a house now so that we could take these ideas and actually do some of them! Like this spot here, their Moon Garden. I never would have thought to plant an area of light colored leaves that would reflect the moonlight. But how much fun is that! (The article in the photo recommends Artimisia, Nemisia, Guara, Wooly Lambs Ear, and cosmos, in case you’re interested)

Another patch they had was an herbal tea garden. They planted lemon verbena, lemon balm, chamomile, lemongrass, wild bergemot, scented geraniums, lavender and a Eureka lemon tree. Fresh tea from the garden sounds fantastic, I think.

Another great idea was this old beat up ladder that they made into a cool looking potting bench/garden shelf. Such a great idea.

I  love this ice cream cart – They had it stationary to sell ice cream from, but it looks like they really can ride it around!

Here are some beautiful chocolates decorated with gold leaf.

Thanks Tillamook! And thanks for the introduction to Frankaroni (fried hot dog mac and cheese)

Each of these succulents was about an inch big. They’re so cute when they’re small. And won’t it look beautiful when it grows in!


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