One Idea for Your Gallon of Yogurt

Now that you’re enjoying your homemade yogurt, you might be wondering how many breakfasts its going to take until the gallon of yogurt is used up. Well here’s an idea: yogurt cheese.

Take a sieve and line it with a double layer of paper towels, or a piece of cheesecloth, or a clean (old) white t-shirt. Set it over a bowl and pour in some yogurt. Tonight I used half of the yogurt, so a half-gallon.

Then let it sit. Every so often check on it, give it a stir, and be amazed by the amount of whey that comes out! Pour off the whey if it gets high enough to touch the bottom of the sieve.

Let it sit for a few hours, or overnight, until its as thick as you’d like it to be. Then take it out and use right away or store it in the fridge.

What can you do with it? Well, all kinds of things! Its like a cross between ricotta and cream cheese – its thick and creamy with a slight tang. I like to spread it on toast and put jam on top, you could also mix herbs into it to make a dip, or tonight I mixed some up with mashed fava beans and olive oil to make a delicious salad dressing.

And I used the whey that drained out as a buttermilk substitute in buttermilk biscuits. I’ve also read that it can be used in place of the water in bread and baked goods, put in smoothies, or used for cooking rice. There’s lots of ideas I’ll have to try!


2 responses to “One Idea for Your Gallon of Yogurt

  1. What a good idea. I can’t wait to try it.

  2. I made yogurt not too long ago and thought I would have trouble using it all up. I was surprised when I used it all but I really like this idea. I think this would make a great dip for chips mixed with some herbs and onion.

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