Brass Buttons

If you’re ever in the mood for treasure hunt, there’s a wonderful antique store nearby called the Cottage Jewel. Its small and mostly sells jewelry and smaller trinkets, and all the merchandise is displayed according to color, which I love. Every drawer of every table and dresser is filled with buttons (all separated by color, of course). There are beautiful ivory drawers filled with cream colored stone, bone, and wood buttons. Plastic drawers with buttons in the shape of animals and with wild patterns. And classy drawers that have all sorts of shiny sparkly blacks and whites.

As a Valentine, Hubbs gave me a gift certificate to the Cottage Jewel, for the express purpose of buying buttons (so that I could have fancy buttons to use on the jackets I was learning to sew) and this weekend I picked out the first installment.

After pulling them out and loving the way the colors and textures all coordinated, I decided to sew them onto a sweater.

I first arranged them on the sweater with safety pins so that I could adjust before committing with needle and thread. And then I didn’t use any fancy button stitches, I just sewed them on from behind with matching thread.

Here it is, I’m so pleased with how it turned out. And I’m hoping for just a few more rainy days this month so that I can justify wearing it once before putting it away with the winter clothes. The yellow lid you see in the corner is from my grandma’s button box, and my mom assures me she would be delighted to know I keep my pins and needles in it now.


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