Weekend on the Mountain

This weekend we visited my Aunt and Uncle on the Mountain. After a two hour drive to town, then another hour bumping up the pitted dirt road, the trees open into to a clearing and you’re greeted by a cheery bunkhouse and a chorus of bulldogs on the hill welcoming you home. And then us city slickers get to play cowboy for a few days as we wear hats and try to buck hay, but most of all enjoy the quiet of the mountains and joy of family being together.

Up on the Mountain they raise and breed an assortment of animals: bulldogs, horses, chickens, pigs- some for showing, some for selling, some for eating. All the animals are happy here with such attentive care and beautiful hills to run around on. The dachshunds have ground-squirrel tunnels to hunt in, the horses have herds to gallop around with, and the pigs have spectacular views to take in as they lay in the sun. How fun to watch the animals doing what they were created to do.

Its good to get away from the suburbs sometimes, and see such beautiful creation so close up.


4 responses to “Weekend on the Mountain

  1. hi guys……….too cute!! We really enjoyed seeing all the photos, and you both!!! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you both soon…………you are always welcome!!! Lots of love, T and M

  2. I had no idea their place is so amazing! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos 🙂

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  4. Beautiful scenery, beautiful animals, particularly the horses!
    That bulldog looks so smart, it almost seems that he wants to talk English, and not doggy barks!

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