Yesterday I looked out the kitchen window, and saw a beautiful robin sitting on the branch of our cherry tree, tugging at a ripe yellow cherry. While its a treat to have cherries and robins in the yard, we already have a bird feeder and I have no interest in also offering our cherries as an all-you-can-eat to the local wildlife. So yesterday afternoon, with a break in the rain, we harvested the cherries.

I felt a little like Anne of Green Gables as I walked across the roof of the shed to reach the high branches, and we worked out a good picking system that involved me on the roof with the rake and Hubbs on the ground with the pool net…

We washed and pitted, baked some into a cobbler and canned the rest into 4 mismatched jars.

Canning is really so much easier than I thought. All it takes is a big pot of boiling water and and a colander insert so the jars don’t touch the bottom of the pot. Boil the empty jars you’re going to use to sterilize, pull them out, fill them with cherries, pour in simple syrup, screw on the lids and boil again for 15 minutes. And there you go! Canned cherries. (there are a few more details to know before you start, but that’s about how simple the process is) I really like canning in small jars in small batches – you can start and finish the project in less than an hour.

So cherry cobbler last night for dessert, and cherry cobbler again this morning for breakfast, cherries in the freezer and cans of cherries in the cupboard.  I think I’m going to like cherry season beginning in our backyard.


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