A Clever way to Organize Paper

Along with valuing cleanliness, it is apparent that the previous owners also valued organization. An engineer lived here with bulky blueprint rolls to store, but he didn’t settle (like me) for cramming his important paper in a box under the bed. He came up with a way to keep rolls of paper easy to see and access, while protecting them from becoming crushed or dog-eared. It is also easily customizable so that multiple sizes of paper can be accommodated.

His solution was easy: 2″ x 3/4″ boards, with holes drilled in them at 2 inch increments. The ends of quarter inch dowels are shaved down so that they fit snugly in the holes, but are easy to wiggle out and rearrange. The dowels can be moved farther apart to hold wider rolls, or moved closer together for smaller ones.

The two boards are screwed onto the walls about 11 inches apart, being sure that they aren’t walls that get direct sunlight. I was so excited to move my art paper to a place where I can see it all and be inspired by it! These organizers are mounted above a counter, which will also make for a wonderful wrapping paper station with all the paper  sorted and organized. What a simple solution.

One response to “A Clever way to Organize Paper

  1. I fully intend to steal this idea, should I ever get that wrapping paper station 🙂

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