The Best Bath Yet

Its evident, by the stellar attention given to the details in each of the bathrooms in this home, that the previous owners valued cleanliness. The master bath came with not only a fancy bathtub, but 3 manuals on how to operate the tub, and a separate book- excuse me- a therapy guide that explains in 65 pages how to take a bath. Along with some weird suggestions about how to make your bathtub into a mudbath and how to meditate on colors while bathing, there was one idea that piqued my interest: bath tea.

The book says that you can bundle up fresh herbs in a piece of cloth and soak it in the hot bathwater to make “tea” (its not for drinking its for soaking in!) They even provide a list of herbs and what effect they are supposed to have. Orange zest is supposed to be good for sleep and relaxation, which sounded like a good candidate since we have an orange tree here. I referenced my handy Flavor Bible and learned that orange pairs well with the rosemary and lime leaves that I also had in the backyard.

I grabbed a scrap of cloth and cut the rosemary into smaller pieces, pulled the lime leaves from the branch, and used a vegetable peeler to get some big slices of zest.

I tied it tightly with some string and tossed it in the tub.

Let me tell you, it was the best bath yet. I’ve been trying bubble bath, bath fizzies, plain water, and this knocked the other ones out of the park. The citrus and rosemary smelled SO good in the tub and in the whole house, and if some water got in your mouth it actually tasted good instead of soapy. The little herb bundle also works as an exfoliating scrubber, which is a neat thing. I really did feel refreshed afterward, and my skin still smells good this morning! I think more bath teas are definitely in order.


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