Saying Goodbye to the Cottage

Well friends, Hubbs and I have bought our first house. Its just across town, and its wonderful. We had a great run in our little cottage and so its sad to say goodbye to the cozy adobe rooms, the tomatoes still growing in the garden, and most of all our wonderful neighbor. But we’re excited for this new chapter of life, and look forward to the many years we plan to spend here.

Since they’re so fresh on my mind, I’ll pass along some moving tips I’ve gleaned over the years.

1. Use Garbage Bags to Contain the Closet

Take a clean garbage bag and pull it up around a 1 foot section of clothes hanging in your closet (or as big a section as the bag will fit around) and tie the top of the bag around the hangers at the top. Move down the closet rod until all your clothes are hanging in nice neat bundles. The hanger bundles can easily be carried and stacked, and if the clothes fall off the hanger (which didn’t happen to me), they fall safely into the bag. This also makes unpacking super quick, as you just re-hang in the new closet and untie the bags.

2. Pack Breakables in Your Suitcases

Pack your extra luggage, especially your hard-sided suitcases, full of your vases and other fragile things. Use your towels, scarves, and blankets to make a nice protected cushion.

This accomplishes  a few things:

  1. Reduces cost of buying packing supplies
  2. Efficiently packs luggage, towels and breakables in the same space
  3. Really protects your breakables – in suitcases that are stronger then a cardboard box and towels that are thicker than bubble-wrap your glass will be very safe
  4. Makes it easy to identify breakables in order to take special care, since suitcases stand out so well against the boxes.
  5. Allows breakables to be rolled in the rolling suitcases instead of carried (and possibly dropped!)

Be sure that the suitcase is packed nice and full so that nothing moves at all. Stuff some clean socks in the gaps for extra padding and to prevent shifting.

3. No Handles on Your Boxes?

Use a utility knife to cut an angle in the side of your box. Lightly score across the top of the triangle and bend it up inside. I recommend doing this before you fill the box to avoid also cutting a handle in the box contents….

4. Special Trick for Moving Goldfish

Some friends of ours moved across the country and made “special arrangements” for their goldfish. Right before leaving the old house, they brought the kids into the bathroom and explained how the fish would be unhappy in the moving truck, but that fish were in fact excellent navigators. They placed the fish in the toilet, everyone waved goodbye, and they flushed him down. Mom and Dad explained how he would swim through all the pipes to get to their new neighborhood and would swim right up into the toilet of the new house! The whole drive across country the kids wondered whether they would beat the fish home, and wouldn’t you know, when the kids ran into the new house, there were the fish waiting for them in the toilet! (Great timing Mom and Dad!)

I’m kidding!!! The story is true but I don’t recommend lying to your kids or flushing their pets down the toilet!


2 responses to “Saying Goodbye to the Cottage

  1. It was a good run, wasn’t it? So exciting, though, to move on to our next chapter! Great tips, sweetie – you’re such a resourceful woman.

    I love you!

  2. Oh friend, it’s good to have you back! I’ve missed your clever posts. I enjoy reading them and getting a little bit of you in my day. I hope the move has gone well (from the looks of the blog I’d say it has). I can’t wait to visit and get the grand tour. School’s out soon…we’ll be in touch!

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