Inside Out Wrapping

The antique pin I showed yesterday just didn’t look right sitting on the generic jewelry gift box fluff-square that the store gave me. And I wanted the pin to be nicely presented as Mom opened the box. So I chucked the fluff and wrapped the inside of the box instead of the outside.

Some glue, paper scraps and memories of 2nd grade diorama book reports took care of the inside. Small boxes can be so tedious to wrap, it probably took the same amount of time to glue paper to the inside as it would have to fiddle with the tiny paper folds on the ends of the box.

Rather than let the pin rattle all around inside, I put a puddle of Elmer’s white glue on the bottom, and set the pin on the glue. (If I had had more time I would have propped it up so that it dried perfectly straight- but that just wasn’t in the plans) It dried overnight and I didn’t hear any rattling when I shook the box. (phew!)

When Mom opened the box, the pin was nicely framed on the paper, like I wanted, and it was very easy to pull out without damaging the brooch. Gluing the gift to the inside of the box wasn’t such a bad idea!


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