More to do with Lavender + Rosemary

My rosemary wreath still hangs on my front door: the leaves have all dried to a beautiful silvery green and the lavender heads look like small clusters of grapes – it makes me smile every time I see it. When I went out into my garden yesterday morning to collect some flowers for a Mother’s Day Corsage, I thought of herbs as I passed by the wreath and remembered how wonderfully fragrant the combination was. I picked a small bouquet and wrapped it tightly with some grey coated wire. Then I snipped all the stems nice and short and grabbed a pin.

Making a corsage out of herbs makes it a little bit sturdier than out of a big delicate flower. I knew Mom would be getting lots of hugs and so wanted to give her something that wouldn’t get crushed or fall apart. And when she’s done with it, she can hang it upside down to dry, or put it in a small muslin bag to toss in with her winter clothes as she puts them away for the summer.

Here it is along with her Mother’s Day present (the vintage brooch). Love you Mom!


3 responses to “More to do with Lavender + Rosemary

  1. Mmmmm…thank you…smelled so nice all day and it reminded me of sweet you!

  2. Reminds me of Oregon

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