Bird’s Egg Gift Tags

And if you’re my mother-in-law, you better stop reading till after Mother’s Day!

There’s a bird theme to her Mother’s Day gift, which I wanted to continue in the way I wrapped it. I decided to make some speckled paper bird’s eggs for gift tags.

I pulled out my water colors and mixed up a few nice shades of brown and grey.

Then took my bristly brush and lightly sprayed the paint onto a piece of cream colored paper. When it dried, I cut it into an egg-shape.

This would look beautiful tucked onto a package wrapped in robins-egg-blue paper and tied with an ivory grosgrain bow. Or punch a hole in the top of the tag and tie on with a piece of brown string. I was shipping my gift so I tied the tag onto the gift itself and packed it in a big nest of kraft crinkle cut paper.


One response to “Bird’s Egg Gift Tags

  1. I love this. The speckled watercolor turned out so ‘true’ – it really looks like an egg’s surface.
    : )

    Thanks for sharing!

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