Hens and Chicks in the House

Last year my dad was thinning his hens and chicks and offered some to me. The pile he pruned out sat on the concrete where he first tossed them for a few days before I gathered them up into a plastic bag, which I forgot on his back patio for a few days, after which I brought them home and let them sit on my patio in the plastic bag for a few more days. Then I (literally!) set them on the dirt where I wanted to plant them, and they grew. That is my kind of non-fussy plant!

They are called Hens and Chicks because they start out as one main leaf rosette (the hen) which grows bigger and bigger, and then little leaf rosettes start to pop their heads out from underneath (the chicks). After awhile you can prune out some of the chicks, toss them to another spot on the dirt and they will start growing and become their own mama hen.

Aside from being hardy and beautiful, they look very interesting when cut and put in a vase.

They look very nice in a clear vase with square sides. Cut some stems, stack them up in the vase (alternating to try and cover the stems with the leaves above) and fill with water. At Christmas time this looks very dramatic with cranberries dropped in around the plants. Then drop in some clear marbles to keep the berries from floating to the top.

Fill with water and there you go. Easy and very architectural .  And when you’re done, You really can take the plants out of the vase, set them back onto the dirt and they’ll start growing again


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