Fancy Gift Certificates

I needed some gift certificates for an event I’m planning next week. The prizes have been donated but needed some kind of fancy presentation.

So, after a little thinking and a little Photoshop-ping, here’s what I’ve come up with. Ran some red paper through the printer with the swirl pattern that’s running throughout the event. Then I printed out and folded some old bond paper into an accordion with the prize title, information, and the name of the event on the 3 panels. I cut a scrap of wrapping paper, sewed it all together with the zig-zag attachment foot on my sewing machine, and voila! A fancy gift certificate! I’m going to seal it up with sealing wax so that its dramatic when you open it to find out your prize..

This would be a really fun idea for an invitation or a special gift – make a gift certificate with the plan for a special outing or something. Hmmm….


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