3 Suprising Ways to Slice

To Halve Cranberries:

I made a discovery yesterday when the recipe called for halved cranberries. The first batch involved frozen cranberries rolling all over the cutting board and counter as I chased them with the knife: some got halved, some got quartered, some got nicked as the knife passed by. For the second batch, I thought of our carving board which has a pyramid grid carved into the center. I poured out the frozen cranberries onto the base and cut easily down the straight lines. 

To Slice Strawberries

To quickly cut a pile of strawberries into thin, even slices (great for salads or a berry garnish), use an egg-slicer. The pieces will come out perfectly even and  mess-free. To make strawberry heart slices, cut a long notch across the end where the stem used to be before putting the strawberry in the slicer.

To Safely Cut an Onion

When you need onion slices for fajitas or stir-fry, use an apple wedger. This is completely avoids the whole “trying to safely wield a large knife when your eyes won’t stop watering” situation, and makes quick work of an often unpleasant task. It also conveniently removes the onion core for you.


2 responses to “3 Suprising Ways to Slice

  1. Clever, clever. Well done wife! I love you.

  2. this post was full of wonderful “duh” moments for me! nice work.

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