Bouquets to Art

Every year at the de Young there’s an event called Bouquets to Art. Florists from all over the Bay Area come together and respond to various works of art by creating incredible fresh flower displays that are set up in the galleries. Yesterday we made our annual visit to again be amazed and inspired by the incredible ways the artists use flowers.

Some interpretations are pretty loose- using the color pallet of a waterfall painting to inspire a grouping of blue hydrangeas- Others get the piece spot-on, like this florist’s recreations of Wayne Thiebaud’s gumball painting

Although it wasn’t inspired by any piece in particular, in the entrance hung a beautiful circle of violet ribbons that extended maybe 100 feet from the ceiling with orchids tied on the ends.

What a stunning, (and if done on much a smaller scale, how simple!) way to display flowers.


One response to “Bouquets to Art

  1. Beautiful!!!! I’m sure the entire exhibit must have been lovely. :0)

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