Pennant Banner How-To

I mentioned that I would post a tutorial for making this banner. I made the project from scratch and thought it would be very straight-forward, but after 3 hours of trial and error I conceded that it was trickier than I expected.

So I’ve now gotten all the kinks worked out and created a free template with nice easy text boxes for you (that’s right- the font is all ready to go, all you have to do is type and print. No designing necessary!) This should be a simple, stress free project for you with all kinds of possibilities.


  • Thin nylon string, 4 feet longer than your banner (each flag is two inches wide, x number of letters in your message)
  • 1-2 sheets of paper for printing on
  • Adobe Reader (free download here if you don’t have it)
  • Liquid glue

Step 1. Download the free template, open it in Acrobat or Reader, type in your message and print it out. Easy as pie. (Hint – If your message has multiple words, use a blank flag or type a period or asterisk as the spacer flag- don’t leave an empty, flag-less gap or your banner will look like a jack-o-lantern with some teeth missing.)

Cut the flags out and use the edge of a smooth plastic card to help you fold the tabs down.

You’ll end up with a pile of little flags.

Lay out your string in a straight line, and make sure its not twisted at all. I used hemp cord at first, which I DO NOT recommend (too heavy!). I do recommend thin, smooth, strong nylon string. You want the string to be lighter than the little flags, or else it won’t have that nice drape.

Leaving a 2 foot tail on the left side, put a thin line of glue along the crease of your first flag. (Don’t glue too close to the edges or else it will seep out over the sides when you press.) Place string on the glue and fold flag over.

Run your plastic card once over the top of the folded tab like a squeegee to spread the glue and make a the fold into a nice crease. Wipe up any glue that seeped out. Place the next flag right next to it and keep working down the line.

For extra reinforcement as the glue dries, put a little piece of tape on the back. You need the weight of the glue to help the banner hang, so don’t think you can use tape only. (Yes, this is one of those kinks I had to work out)

Let the banner dry (overnight is best) and hang it up! This would make a very classy Happy Birthday banner, holiday banner, Welcome Baby banner, Welcome Home banner, etc, and if you store it nicely,  you could reuse it year after year.

Let me know if you make this banner, I’d love to see pictures or hear how it went!


2 responses to “Pennant Banner How-To

  1. Very cool sweetie. You’re so kind to make the template for everyone! That’s so neat.

    Hope you wouldn’t be disappointed one day if I use this for something… 😉

  2. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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