Some Details from Sister’s Big Day

After the proposal the new couple came to the house for a surprise get-together with some of their friends and family. Mom and I had fun getting decorations together that incorporated some of the wedding colors Sister’s been thinking about. Here’s a few of them.

I baked this yummy lemon-y 3 layer lemon curd cake from Smitten Kitchen, and topped it with a paper-cut cake top. Super easy cake topper to make, I just printed out my design on scratch paper, stapled it in the corners to black construction paper, and cut it out with scissors. Then I taped it to a skewer and put fresh flowers to cover the seam. And I HIGHLY reccommend the frosting that she pairs it with- it tastes just like marshmallow fluff!!! Yum! I’ll definitely be making that again, maybe just to eat on its own with some graham crackers.

Pennant banner to decorate the glass case for the engagement party. Instructions and template to make your  own are coming soon.

The theme of Gavin’s proposal was the movie Enchanted, and he cleverly incorporated all the elements of the song “How does she know that you love her” into the day. I was so excited to find these little bird clips to carry the banner – the movie is filled with cute little animals being helpful in a variety of ways.

That’s that, I’m sure there will be many more wedding related projects to share over the next months. Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Some Details from Sister’s Big Day

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  2. Sarah,
    So cute! Thanks for posting this, I feel a part of it!

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