Visit to Alden Lane

Today I went to Alden Lane Nursery to start gathering plants for the summer garden. A gardener friend has been telling me about Alden Lane out in Livermore for quite awhile and today was finally the day to visit.

The building looks like a country estate and is shaded by a big gorgeous oak tree out in front.

Everywhere you look there are unusual plant and flower groupings. I never would have thought that a bathtub planted with flowers could look beautiful and “landscaped”, nor did I realize that Huecheras came in such interesting color combinations (pink and olive!).

Walk through the archway and inside the nursery and you see all the rows of vintage flowers, fruit trees and grasses for sale, all underneath a canopy of 100+ year old oaks.

I was told I’d find whatever tomato plant I wanted and I was NOT disappointed… They had rows and rows of heirlooms with crazy sounding names and crazier pictures of what the fruit looks like. A few favorite names: Mr. Stripey, Mortgage lifter (named because the inventor sold the variety to pay for his house) and Black cherry (doesn’t that sound delicious?)

I went home with 5 kinds of tomatoes and plan to go back after they get their shipment in next week: Bush Early girl, Red Grape, Yellow Brandywine (big yellow tomatoes) and Black Prince (I’m most excited about this, its going to be dark purple!)

Alden Lane Nursery

981 Alden Lane, Livermore

(925) 447-0280

Open daily 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.


3 responses to “Visit to Alden Lane

  1. Mmmmmm, summer vegetables in the garden – I have the best neighbors.

    Yay Sara!

    Let’s change the rest of the back yard to a fig orchard – I doubt that the landlord would mind.

  2. I enjoyed your plant geekery post–I hope you post photos of how the tomatoes come along as the year progresses 🙂 Tomatoes don’t find the zone we live in terribly agreeable, but apparently the gardener grows them in the greenhouse–I’ll have to be a pest and keep poking my nose up against the glass for a look-see.

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