Easy to Please

I forget how exciting things are when you’re three.

I wrapped my nieces’ 3rd birthday gift last week. We picked out the old standard Candyland, and a little outfit with ice cream cones on it. It seemed perfect then to tie a big old lollypop on the outside of the package – the big kind that you’d see in the store and your parents would never let you get. Since we’re Aunt and Uncle, we get a free pass to give all those fun kinds of things.

We unloaded it at their house, and our niece did an amazing job, actually, of being patient. She saw the “ya-pop” right away and starting laughing and shrieking about it, and would go over periodically during the day to look at “my ya-pop.” And when it was finally time to open gifts, she was way more excited about the candy than probably anything else (of course!). Hubbs suggested that all I need to do is wrap up an empty pink box with a lollypop on top and the kids would be happy! Life is good when you’re three, I guess.


2 responses to “Easy to Please

  1. It’s interesting, and probably helpful – at least conceptually – to frame sin in our minds as that empty pink box with a lollipop on top… It looks appealing from the outside, we may perceive it as sweet for a time, but it’s empty and inevitably leads to disappointment (not to mention eschatological wrath for the unrepentant)… If we’ve contented ourselves with only spiritual milk, are we equipped to discern that the box is empty?
    [Heb 5:13-14]

    May it never be that we’re as easy to please! May our affection for sin never so blind us to the reality of its emptiness! May we eat less candy… and more meat!

    Great job on the gift, by the way. She loved it!

  2. This is very cute – way to go with carrying the candy theme throughout the gift and wrapping!

    I write a blog about gift wrapping (http://www.thegiftedblog.com) and am always tickled to see other people share their photos and stories. Thanks!

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