The machine-of-tomorrow

I suppose before I get too far along in talking about sewing, I should introduce my machine. Here she is:

She’s a Singer 301a, from the 50s I believe. She was my Grandma’s mother’s new sewing machine, which my grandma gave me quite a few years ago. Its just like my parents “new” house I guess- I always think of it as the new house, even though they’ve lived in it almost 20 years.

A few things I love about the machine:

1. It’s been quite patient with me. I started playing around with it before I knew what I was doing, yet every time I sit down, it works! I’m sure I’ve been less than kind to it, but it still just chugs right through what I ask it to do, which brings me to number 2

2. Its not finicky: I’ve sewed through stacks of paper valentines and canvas paintings, not realizing that you’re supposed to do things like “change the needle” and “adjust thread tension” – But its still works every time! The manual does say that it will start up “with no coaxing.”

3. I love the sweet illustrations and instructions in the manual. There’s so much optimism and promise.This what my sewing experience will be like! Delighted exclamation when I walk past my machine, and crowds of ladies (all in dresses, of course) ooh-ing and ah-ing as I fold my newly sewn sheets.

And here in the second paragraph it does say that the “smooth running machine-of-tomorrow will amaze and thrill” me. Now that’s a promise!

The manual also promises if I ever have trouble, “a trained, courteous SINGER representative will gladly call at your home.” I may have to take them up on that someday.


4 responses to “The machine-of-tomorrow

  1. I really like the photo of the ‘ol girl – did you use a special setting on the camera to create that washed-out look?

    My wife and the 301a are some kind of powerful combination!

  2. I remember that machine! I can only imagine the adorable things you will make and I will fawn over. You are such a homemaker and look just like the girls in the brochure!! Love you!!

  3. I love this post! If only a sewing machine purchase really could guarantee a flock of rapturous friends..

    Speaking of machines, I’m in the market for one (finally). Do you happen to know what kind Grandma Hazel used? She certainly turned out a fantastic range of items on whatever it was she had! I’m trying to convince my mom to send me out a chicken and chick she made so I can see if I can make my own weirdo version of it. I love how so many of Grandma’s toys had tiny babies to go with them. 🙂

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