Lunch and the Garden

I think spring is here(!) Today was just one of those wonderful days: its the ideal in-between temperature, the sky is perfect blue, the plants are all in bud and the birds are chattering like crazy.  Hubbs and I decided that it was the day for officially opening “eating outside” season, and what goes better with lunch outside than lemonade? I went to grab some ice from the freezer for the glasses and remembered that I put the ice cube tray back in the freezer empty last time (bad idea, I know). But we did have some frozen blackberries that did the trick, and made for very festive red blackberry-lemonade.

And its such a treat to go play in the garden on days like this. I’m always amazed to see things growing in there, and they do this especially well when there’s SUN out! I planted tons of carrots in November but only a few seedlings survived the great winter slug attack, so I haven’t been able to bring myself to thin them. But today I pulled one out that was really getting crowded… and would you believe it, there was a real little carrot in there! I was SO excited to see it – peachy orange color and just an inch and a half long. I washed it off so we could taste it -Hubbs thought it smelled like hose water, which really means it smells like being a kid in summer, and I agreed. But it tasted just right. Maybe another month and they’ll be ready to go. Can’t wait!


2 responses to “Lunch and the Garden

  1. You are an excellent gardenour. Thanks for taking care of me so well.

    Love you.

  2. This looks yummy. And an excellent way to ring in spring!! So clever. I would have just made ice. You are much more classy and clever. More clever than ever. 😀

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