number one

OK, well here it is. Post number one.

What I’ve got for show and tell today is a nursery wall, painted for a friends’ soon-to-be-born baby. The theme was “owls sitting in a tree”, with Psalm 42:8 alongside. It took 3 days and lots of ginger-peach tea, but I’m happy to say its completed, and I’m quite happy with the results. I think I would like it on my wall if I were a baby. A special thank you to Shannon- our cool graphic designer neighbor from back in the day- who actually let me help her paint her baby’s wall when I was a measly 7th grader. (I couldn’t believe she didn’t paint over all the parts I did!) Little did you know what you would inspire someday, Shannon. Thanks for teaching me how to paint on a wall…


2 responses to “number one

  1. You are the best wife. Ever. Seriously.

  2. Owl be glad to see how it turns out!!! Love ya!! You are soooo talented. I remember the adorable wall at shannon’s. Whoa. Adorable.

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